Community Outreach Core

The major goal of the Community Outreach Core is to reduce the disproportionate burden of prostate, lung and pancreatic cancers among Black and Latinx populations through: bidirectional engagement of Black and Latinx communities; partnerships with core leaders and project investigators to foster community input and the dissemination of scientific information to high risk communities; and use of evidence-based cancer education and materials for community outreach.

Cancer Education Programs

The Community Outreach Core delivers evidence-based prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and clinical trials education programs with the goal of improving their knowledge, fostering risk-reduction behaviors, and improving participation biomedical research.

Community Scientist Research Advocacy Program

The CaRE2 Community Scientist Research Advocacy training program builds on our previous experience training cancer advocates and Community Health Workers. Trainee selection is through a competitive application process. Training techniques employed include independent learning, lectures and experiential learning.

Cancer Information and Education Materials

The Community Outreach Core disseminates prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer scientific discoveries with public health impact for Black and Latinx populations, and we distribute advocacy toolkits in both English and Spanish.

The CaRE2 Contact Registry

The purpose of the CaRE2 Contact Registry is to create a list of minority individuals who are interested in hearing about future research projects led by the CaRE2 Health Equity Center that focuses on learning more about preventing and eliminating cancer health disparities.

Meet the Outreach and Education Core Team

Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, PhD


Sandra Suthers, PhD


John Luque, PhD


Fern Webb, PhD


Our Community & Engagement Team

Eduardo Ibarra

Abria McNeill

Rosa Barahona

Ileana Guzman

Carolina Aristizabal

Our Community Advisory Board

Mr. Freddie Muse Jr.

Pastor Rhonda Holbert

Ms. Felecia Battle-Jones

Ms. Aurora Flores

Ms. Fayetta Justin

Dr. Cynthia Seaborn

Dr. Lisa Osborne-Schueler

Mr. Hector Rodriguez

Mrs. Viviana Garzon

Dr. Maria Pouncey

Mr. Gerald Williams

Mrs. Lynn Jones-Turpin

Mr. Emmanuel Agboola​

Mr. Mars Robles

Our Community Partners

Want to Join Us?

If you share our interest in reducing cancer health disparities, please consider becoming a member of the CaRE² center. Investigators, trainees, community leaders, and advocates are welcome.