About us

We are a bi-coastal center to promote cancer health equity through translational research, outreach, education, and supporting research innovation at minority serving institutions CaRE2 combines cutting-edge expertise in and resources for translational research, cancer research training and education, innovative community initiatives, and process and outcome evaluation for reducing cancer disparities among Blacks and Latinos.

Cancer Research, Education, and Engagement


  • Studying the genomics and biological underpinnings of prostate and pancreatic cancer, which have high mortality rates in African-Americans and Latinos, to better understand the biology driving higher incidence and death rates
  • Reducing differences in chemotherapy treatment by using the molecular profiles of patients to predict their sensitivity to certain drugs
  • Creating a repository of biological specimens from African-American and Latino patients to help with this and future studies


An important element of the new program is training the next generation of researchers in cancer health disparities. Through the CaRE² initiative, leaders will train about 125 Black and Latino investigators, from students to early career scientists, increasing the workforce focused on translational cancer and enhancing our scientific community.


This program will build upon existing community partnerships to disseminate findings in the Black and Latino communities, educate people about pancreas and prostate cancer, and improve participation in biomedical research.

Want to Join Us?

If you share our interest in reducing cancer health disparities, please consider becoming a member of the CaRE² center. Investigators, trainees, community leaders, and advocates are welcome.

Working Together

L to R: Drs. Diana Wilkie (UF), Folakemi Odedina (UF), John Carpten (USC), Mariana Stern (USC), visiting FAMU in April 2019 for the first Program Steering Committee meeting

From L to R: Drs. Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati (USC), Kinfe Redda (FAMU) and Mariana Stern (USC) attending the 12th AACR Cancer Health Disparities Conference, San Francisco, 2019

CaRE2 Team at the 1st investigator annual meeting in conjunction with the 11th AACR Cancer Health Disparities Conference, New Orleans, 2018.
L to R: Drs. Kinfe Redda (FAMU), Mariana Stern (USC), and Folakemi Odedina (UF) recording content for the CaRE2 Cancer Research YouTube TV Channel