CaRE2 Community Outreach Core Participates in Florida Health Fair

Distributing research participation brochures and signing individuals up for CaRE2 bioregistry (Dr. and Mrs. Flores-Rozas, Carmen Fabre and Natalie Branch – volunteer)

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, the CaRE2 community outreach core was invited to a Health Fair and Social Services Event in Gadsden County, Florida. The event was hosted by the Panhandle Education Consortium (PAEC) Administrator and CaRE2 community consultant/advocate, Dr. Maria Pouncey. The Mexican Consulate was in attendance to update Mexican passports for over 500 individuals who are working in Gadsden and surrounding counties. Many resources were available at the health fair such as COVID-19 vaccinations and workforce development.

CaRE2 was represented by Tissue Modeling core leader, Dr. Hernan Flores-Rozas and his wife, Mrs. Flores-Rozas. Dr. Sandra Suther, COC core leader and Carmen Fabre, Graduate Assistant, distributed cancer education materials and information regarding our Cancer Health Equity Center to over 300 individuals. Dr. Flores-Rozas discussed CaRE2 research and tissue modeling core activities as well as promoted the importance of participation in research for this population

Dr. Hernan Flores-Rozas presenting CaRE2 research and tissue modeling core activities
CaRE2 Booth at the Health Affair
Health Promotionals (Prostate stress balls, cancer nutrition education, bioregistry opt-in forms)
Dr. Maria Pouncey, CaRE2 Community Consultant and Migrant Educator
Local Cultural Dance Club entertaining the crowd