Black History Month- CaRE2 Spotlight: Dr. John D. Carpten

In celebration of black history month, we’re shining the spotlight on our CaRE2 leaders. Dr. Carpten is chair of the National Cancer Advisory Board and Chair of the Department of Translational Genomics and Translational Genomics Institute at the University of Southern California. #CaRE2 #CaRE2HEC #CancerResearch #HealthDisparities #BHM

FREE Prostate Screening Event

Calling all men over 40! FREE prostate cancer screenings will be held on Saturday, February 25th at the Florence Western Medical Clinic in Los Angeles, California. Call (424) 249-7500 to register and book an appt. #CancerResearch #ProstateCancerAwareness #MensHealth #CaRE2 #CaRE2HEC

Hogan Creek Health Fair

Join us at the Hogan Creek Health Fair on Monday, February 20th in Jacksonville, Florida. Visit our booth to learn about our upcoming programs and projects. Sign up to be a part of our community registry and participate in future research studies. #CancerResearch #CaRE2 #CaRE2HEC #JacksonvilleFlorida #CommunityHealth


Join us tomorrow at the Black History Month Parade and Melanin Market event in Jacksonville, Florida. Stop by our booth to learn about our upcoming cancer advocacy training program and sign up to be a part of our community registry. See you there! #CancerResearch #BHM #CaRE2 #CaRE2HEC #JacksonvilleFlorida