Norris 2019 Cancer Community Conference

On Nov. 9th we held a Cancer in the Community training on precision medicine and immunotherapies at the Aresty Conference Center in Los Angeles at USC. This meeting was in part co-sponsored by CaRE2. It included live streaming to Florida (both to FAMU and UF). Dr. Mariana Stern, PI and one of the leaders of CaRE2, participated as one of the speakers presenting on Cancer Disparities among US Latinxs focused on Prostate Cancer. Over eighty-five participants attended, including patient advocates, community health workers, and caregivers, from Norris’ catchment area of Los Angeles County. Pre and post surveys were applied to assess impact. Increased knowledge regarding Clinical Trials, Precision Oncology, and Immunotherapies were found. Additionally, increased intention to engage in advocacy regarding cancer patient education, cancer community outreach on Clinical Trials, Precision Oncology, and Immunotherapies in the next three months was also found.