CaRE2 at ProTalks

CaRE2’s Community Outreach Team attended ProTalks in Jacksonville, FL this past Saturday, September 24, in celebration of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. ProTalks is a walk and tabling event that transpired through the CaRE2 advocacy program and has grown to successfully advocate for prostate cancer in the community with the help of CaRE2’s support! 👣🔬

The purpose of this program was/is to increase awareness of prostate cancer and its impact on African American and Hispanic Latino men. This event was designed by Lynn Jones as part of the ProTalks series specifically designed to share information about screening, treatment and support for prostate cancer among all individuals in the Jacksonville and broader community. Approximately 25 individuals walked with at least four (4) health education booths, including UF CaRE2 COC members sharing information about our Center and contact registry.

CaRE2 Program:

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